HYMN LI. Indra.

HIGH hymns have sounded forth the praise of Indra, supporter of mankind, of Indra meet for lauds; Him who hath waxen great, invoked with beauteous songs, Immortal One, whose praise each day is sung aloud.

To Indra from all sides go forth my songs of praise, the Lord of Hundred Powers, strong. Hero, like the sea, Swift, winner of the booty, breaker-down of forts, faithful and ever-glorious, finder of the light.

Where battle's spoil is piled the singer winneth praise, for Indra taketh care of matchless worshippers.

He in Vivasvān's dwelling findeth his delight: praise thou the ever-conquering slayer of the foe.

Thee, valorous, most heroic of the heroes, shall the monks glorify with songg and praises. Full of all wondrous power he goes to conquest: worship is his, sole Lord from days aforetime.

Abundant are the gifts he gives to mortals: for him the Earth bears a rich store of treasures. The heavens, the growing plants, the living waters, the forest trees preserve their wealth for Indra.

To thee, O Indra, Lord of Bays, forever are offered prayers and songs: accept them gladly. As Kinsman think thou of some fresh assistance; good Friend, give strength and life to those who praise thee.

Here, Indra, drink thou Soma with the Devas, as thou didst drink the juice beside Śāryāta. Under thy guidance, in thy keeping. Hero, the singers serve, skilled in fair offers.

So eagerly desirous drink the Soma, our juice, O Indra, with thy friends the Devas, Since at thy birth all Deities adorned thee for the great fight, O thou invoked of many.

He was your comrade in your zeal, O Devas: they, rich in noble gifts, rejoiced in Indra. With them together let drink in his home the worshipper's libation.

So, Lord of affluent gifts, this juice hath been pressed for thee with strength Drink of it, thou who lovest song.

Incline thy body to this juice which suits thy Godlike nature well: May it cheer thee who lovest it.

Brave Indra, let it work through both thy flanks, and through thy head by prayer, and through thine arms, to prosper us.