HYMN X. Agni.

This day with praises, Agni, we bring thee that which thou lovest.

Right judgment, like a horse, with our devotions.

For thou hast ever been the Car-driver, Agni, of noble Strength, lofty offering, and rightful judgment.

Through these our praises come thou to meet us, bright as the sunlight, O Agni, well disposed, with all thine aspects.

No. May we serve thee singing these lauds this day to thee, Agni. Loud as the voice of Heaven thy blasts are roaring.

Just at this time of the day and the night thy look is the sweetest: It shineth near us even as gold for glory.

Spotless thy body, brilliant as gold, like clarified butter: This gleams like gold on thee, O Self. dependent.

All hate and mischief, yea, if committed, Agni, thou turnest, Holy One, from the man who rightly worships.

Agni, with you Devas, prosperous be our friendships and kinships. Be this our bond here by this place, thine altar.