I AM the royal Ruler, mine is empire, as mine who sway all life are all Immortals.

Indra's will the Devas obey and follow. I am the King of men's most lofty cover.

I am King Indra. To me were given these first existing high celestial powers. Indra's will the Devas obey and follow. I am the King of men's most lofty cover.

I Indra am Indra: in their greatness, these the two wide deep fairly-fashioned regions, these the two world-halves have I, even as Tvaแนฃแนญar knowing all beings, joined and held together.

I made to flow the moisture-shedding waters, and set the Heaven firm in the scat of Order. By Law the Son of Aditi, Law Observer, hath spread abroad the world in threefold measure.

Heroes with noble horses, fain for battle, selected warriors, call on me in combat. I Indra Indra, excite the conflict; I stir the dust, Lord of surpassing vigour.

All this I did. The Devasโ€™ own conquering power never impedeth me whom none opposeth. When lauds and Soma juice have made me joyful, both the unbounded regions are affrighted.

All beings know these deeds of thine thou tellest this unto Indra, thou great Disposer! Thou art renowned as having slain the Vแน›tras. Thou madest flow the floods that were obstructed.

Our fathers then were these, the Seven his, what time the son of Durgaha was captive. For her they gained by offering Trasadasyu, a demi-god, like Indra, conquering foemen.

The spouse of Purukutsa gave oblations to you, O Indra, with homage. Then unto her ye gave King Trasadasyu, the demi-god, the slayer of the foeman.

May we, possessing much, delight in riches, Devas in oblations and the kine in pasture; And that Milch-cow who shrinks not from the milking, O Indra, give to us daily.