FORTH from the ocean sprang the wave of sweetness: together with the stalk it turned to Amṛta, that which is holy oil's mysterious title: but the Devas’ tongue is truly Amṛta's centre.

Let us declare aloud the name of Ghṛta, and at this offering hold it up with homage.

So let the Brahman hear the praise we utter. This hath the four-horned Buffalo emitted.

Four are his horns, three are the feet that bear him; his heads are two, his hands are seven in number. Bound with a triple bond the Steer roars loudly: the mighty Deva hath entered in to mortals.

That oil in triple shape the Devas discovered laid down within the Cow, concealed by Paṇis. Indra produced one shape, Sūrya another: by their own power they formed the third from Vena.

From inmost reservoir in countless channels flow down these rivers which the foe beholds not. I look upon the streams of oil descending, and lo! the Golden Reed is there among them.

Like rivers our libations flow together, cleansing themselves in inmost heart and spirit. The streams of holy oil pour swiftly downward like the wild beasts that fly before the bowman.

As rushing down the rapids of a river, flow swifter than the wind the vigorous currents, the streams of oil in swelling fluctuation like a red courser bursting through the fences.

Like women at a gathering fair to look on and gently smiling, they incline to Agni. The streams of holy oil attain the fuel, and Jātavedas joyfully receives them.

As maidens dock themselves with gay adornment to join the bridal feast, I now behold them. Where Soma flows and offering is ready, thither the streams of holy oil are running.

Send to our eulogy a herd of cattle bestow upon us excellent possessions. Bear to the Devas the offering we offer the streams of oil flow pure and full of sweetness.

The universe depends upon thy power and might within the sea, within the heart, within all life.