HYMN V. Indu.

To Agni, Jātavedas, to the flame, the well-enkindled Deva, Offer thick sacrificial oil.

He, Narāśaṁsa, ne’er beguiled, inspiriteth this offering: For sage is he, with sweets in hand.

Adored, O Agni, hither bring Indra the Wonderful, the Friend, On lightly-rolling car to aid.

Spread thyself out, thou soft as wool The holy hymns have sung to thee.

Bring gain to us, O beautiful!

Open yourselves, ye Doors Divine, easy of access for our aid: Fill, more and more, the offering.

Fair strengtheners of vital power, young Mothers of eternal Law, Morning and Night we supplicate.

On the wind's flight come, glorified, ye two celestial Monks of man Come ye to this our offering.

Iḷā, Sarasvatī, Mahī, three Goddesses who bring us weal, be seated harmless on the grass.

Rich in all plenty, Tvaṣṭar, come auspicious of thine own accord Help us in every offering.

Vanaspati, wherever thou knowest the Devas’ mysterious names, Send our oblations thitherward.

To Agni and to Indra, Indra, the Devas, and the Devas, with Svāhā be oblation brought.