HYMN V. Agni.

I INVOCATE your Son of Strength, the Youthful, with hymns, the Youngest Deva, whose speech is guileless; Sage who sends wealth comprising every treasure, bringer of many boons, devoid of malice.

At eve and morn thy pious servants bring thee their precious gifts, O Monk of many aspects, On whom, the Purifier, all things living as on firm. ground their happiness have stablished.

Thou from of old hast dwelt among these people, by mental power the charioteer of blessings.

Hence sendest thou, O sapient Jātavedas, to him who serves thee treasures in succession.

Agni, whoever secretly attacks us, the neighbour, thou with Mitra's might! who harms us, Burn him with thine own Steers forever youthful, burning with burning heat, thou fiercest burner.

He who serves thee with offering and fuel, with hymn, O Son of Strength, and chanted praises. Shines out, Immortal! in the midst of mortals, a sage, with wealth, with splendour and with glory.

Do this, O Agni, when we urge thee, quickly, triumphant in thy might subdue our foemen. When thou art praised with words and decked with brightness, accept this chanted hymn, the singer's worship.

Help us, that we may gain this wish, O Agni, gain riches, Wealthy One! with store of heroes. Desiring strength from the, may we be strengthened, and win, Eternal! thine eternal glory.