HYMN LXX. Indra.

RICH in all blessings, Indra come ye hither: this place on Earth is called your own possession, like a strong horse with a fair back it standeth, whereon, as in a lap, ye seat you firmly.

This most delightful eulogy awaits you in the man's house drink-offering hath been heated, Which bringeth you over the seas and rivers, yoking as’twere two well-matched shining horses.

Whatever dwellings ye possess, O Indra, in fields of men or in the streams of Heaven, Resting upon the summit of the mountain, or bringing food to him who gives oblation,

Delight yourselves, ye Devas, in plants and waters when Ṛṣis give them and ye find they suit You.

Enriching us with treasures in abundance ye have looked back to former generations.

Indra, though ye have heard them oft aforetime, regard the many prayers which Ṛṣis offer. Come to the man even as his heart desireth. May we enjoy your most delightful favour.

Come to the offering offered you, Nāsatyas, with men, oblations, and prayer duly uttered. Come to Vasiṣṭha as his heart desireth, for unto you these holy hymns are chanted.

This is the thought, this is the song, O Indra: accept this hymn of ours, ye Steers, with favour. May these our meditations addressed to you come nigh you. Preserve us evermore, ye Devas, with blessings.