HYMN XII. Indra.

JOY, Mightiest Indra, known and marked, sprung most from Soma-draughts, where thou smitest down the greedy fiend, for that we long.

Wherewith thou bolpest Adhrigu, the great Daśagva, and the Deva Who stirs the sunlight, and the sea, for that we long.

Wherewith thou dravest forth like cars Sindhu and all the mighty floods To go the way ordained by Law, for that we long.

Accept this laud for aid, made pure like oil, thou Caster of the Stone, Whereby even in a moment thou hast waxen great.

Be pleased, Song-lover, with this song it flows abundant like the sea.

Indra, with all thy assists thou hast waxen great.

The Deva who from afar hath sent gifts to maintain our friendship's bond, Thou. spreading them like rain from Heaven, hast waxen great.

The beams that mark him have grown strong, the thunder rests between his arms, when, like the Sun, he hath increased both Heaven and Earth.

When, Mighty Lord of Heroes, thou didst cat a thousand buffaloes, then grew and waxed exceeding great thine Indra-power.

Indra consumeth with the rays of Sūrya the malicious man: Like Agni conquering the woods, he hath grown strong.

This newest thought of ours that suits the time approaches unto thee: Serving, beloved in many a place it metes and marks.

The pious germ of offering directly purifies the soul. By Indra's lauds it waxes great, it metes and marks.

Indra who wins the friend hath spread himself -draught: Like worshipper's dilating praise; it metes and marks.

He whom the sages, living men, have gladdened, offering up their hymns, Hath swelled like oil of offering in Agni's mouth.

Aditi also hath brought forth a hymn for Indra, Sovran Lord: The work of offering for help is glorified.

The ministering monks have sung their songs for aid and eulogy: Deva, thy Bays turn not from the rite which Law ordains.

If, Indra, thou drink Soma by Indra's or Tṛta Āptya's side, or with the Devas take delight in flowing drops;

Or, Indra, if thou gladden thee afar or in the sea of air, Rejoice thee in this juice of ours, in flowing drops.

Or, Lord of Heroes if thou aid the worshipper who shed; the, juice, or him whose laud delights thee, and his flowing drops.

To magnify the Deva, Indra, yea, Indra for your help, and promptly end the offering-this have they gained.

With worship, him whom men adore, with Soma, him who drinks it most, Indra with lauds have they increasedthis have they gained.

His leadings are with power and might and his instructions manifold: He gives the worshipper all wealth: this have they gained.

For subduing Vṛtra have the Devas set Indra in the foremost place. Indra the choral bands have sung, for vigorous strength.

We to the Mighty with our might, with lauds to him who hears our call, with holy hymns have sung aloud, for vigorous strength.

Not Earth, nor Heaven, nor firmaments contain the Thunder-wielding Deva: They shake before his violent rush and vigorous strength.

What time the Devas, O Indra, get thee foremost in the furious fight, then thy two beautiful Bay Steeds carried thee on.

When Vṛtra, stayer of the floods, thou si"est, Thundeicr with might, then thy two beautiful Bay Steeds carried thee on.

When Indra, through thine energy, strode wide those three great steps of his, then thy two beautiful Bay Steeds carried thee on.

When thy two beautiful Bay Steeds grew great and greater day by day, Even then all creatures that had life bowed down to thee.

When, Indra, all the Marut folk humbly submitted them to thee, Even then all creatures that had life bowed down to thee.

When yonder Sun, that brilliant light, thou settest in the Heaven above, Even then all creatures that had life bowed down to thee.

To thee, O Indra, with this thought the sage lifts up this eulogy, Akin and leading as on foot to offerings.

When in thine own dear dwelling all gathered have lifted up the voice Milk-streams at worship's central spot, for offering,

As Monk, O Indra, give us wealth in brave men and good steeds ana kine That we may first remember thee for offering.