AGNI, your dearest Guest, I laud, him who is loving as a friend, who brings us riches like a car.

Whom as a far-foreseeing Sage the Devas have, from the olden time, Established among mortal men.

Do thou, most Youthful Deva, protect the men who offer, hear their songs, and of thyself preserve their seed.

What is the praise wherewith, AαΉ…giras, Agni, Son of Strength, We, after thine own wish and thought,

May serve thee, O thou Child of Power, and with what offering's plan? What prayer shall I now speak to thee?

Our Deva, make all of us to dwell in happy habitations, and Reward our songs with spoil and wealth.

Lord of the house, what plenty fills the songs which thou inspirest now, Thou whose hymn helps to win the kine?

Hirn Wise and Strong they glorify, the foremost Champion in the fray, and mighty in his dwelling-place.

Agni, he dwells in rest and peace who smites and no one smites again: With hero sons he prospers well