HYMN III. Indra.

As with Manu Samvarani, Indra, thou drankest Soma juice, and, Indra, with Nipatithi, Medbyatithi, with Pustigu and Srustigu.

T'he son of Prsadvana was Praskaniva's host, who lay decrepit and forlorn.

Aided by thee the Ṛṣi Dasyave-vrka strove to obtain thousands of kine.

Call hither with thy newest song Indra who lacks not hymns of praise, him who observes and knows, inspirer of the sage, him who seems eager to enjoy.

He unto whom they sang the seven-headed hymn, three-parted, in the loftiest place. He sent his thunder down on all these living things, and so displayed heroic might.

We invocate that Indra who bestoweth precious things on us. Now do we know his newest favour. May we gain a stable that is full of kine.

He whom thou aidest, gracious Lord, to give again, obtains great wealth to nourish him. We with our Soma ready, Lover of the Song! call, Indra Indra, on thee.

Ne’er art thou fruitless, Indra ne’er dost thou desert the worshipper But now, O Indra, thy bounty as a Deva is poured forth ever more and more.

He who hath. overtaken Krvi with his might, and silenced Śuṣṇa with deathbolts. When he supported yonder Heaven and spread it out, then first the son of Earth was born.

Good Lord of wealth is he to whom all Āryas, Dāsas here belong. Directly unto thee, the pious Ruśama Paviru, is that wealth brought nigh.

In zealous haste the singers have sung forth a song distilling oil and rich in sweets. Riches have spread among us and heroic strength, with us are flowing Soma-drops.