HYMN IX. Indu.

THE Sage of Heaven whose heart is wise, when laid between both hands and pressed, Sends us delightful powers of life.

On, onward to a glorious home; dear to the people void of guile, with excellent enjoyment, flow.

He, the bright Son, when born illumed his Parents who had sprung to life, Great Son great Strengtheners of Law.

Urged by the seven devotions he hath stirred the guileless rivers which Have magnified the Single Eye.

These helped to might theYouthful One, high over all, invincible, Indu, Indra! in thy law.

The immortal Courser, good to draw, looks down upon the Seven.

Aid us in holy rites, O Indu, drive away Dark shades that must be met in fight.

Make the paths ready for a hymn newer and newer evermore. Make the lights shine as erst they shone.

Give, indu, high renown, win for us wisdom, win the light.