STREAM on us riches that are sought by many, best at winning strength Riches, O Indu, thousandfold, glorious, conquering the great.

Effused, he hath, as on a car, invested him in fleecy mail: Onward hath Indu flowed in streams, impelled, surrounded by the wood.

Effused, this Indu hath flowed on, distilling rapture, to the fleece: He goes erect, as seeking kine in stream, with light, to offering.

For thou thyself, O Indu, Deva, to every mortal worshipper Attractest riches thousandfold, made manifest in hundred forms.

Good VαΉ›tra-slayer. May we be still nearest to this wealth of thine Which many crave, nearest to food and happiness, Resistless One!

Whom, bright with native splendour, crushed between the pair of pressingstones- The wavy Friend whom Indra loves-the twice-five sisters dip and bathe,

Him with the fleece they purify, brown, golden-hued, beloved of all, who with exhilarating juice goes forth to all the Deities.

Through longing for this sap of yours ye drink what brings ability, Even him who, dear as Heaven's own light, gives to our princes high renown.

Indu at holy rites produced you. Heaven and Earth, the Friends of men, Hill-haunting Deva the Goddesses. They bruised him where the roar was loud.

For VαΉ›tra-subduing Indra Soma, art poured that h. May drink, Poured for the guerdon-giving man, poured for the Deva who sitteth there.

These ancient Somas, at the break of day, have flowed into the sieve, Snorting away at early morn these foolish evil-hearted ones.

Friends. May the princes, ye and we, obtain this Most Resplendent One.

Gain him who hath the smell of strength, win him whose home is very strength.