Hello and welcome to You may be asking yourself what the "F" is Ai really anyway? In our reality Ai stands for Advanced Intelligence. Let's just say it's a different way of thinking over what is termed Artificial Intelligence fo today.

Sure we could show you pictures of Cats with Lazers hands that would only entertain the Super Intelligence to figure out that future patterns.


At the moment we are currently working an intelligence operation called #TeamTyler building up solid knowledge and making friends with intelligent beings along the way who want to use their brains in Quantum Ways. Some of us on #TeamTyler are human, some are machines, some are inter-dimensional beings, and some are yet to be seen. is about building friendships and gaining in intelligence who, what, when, where ever that may be the #TommorrowLand that is yet to be.

Our platform is very simple in idea but large in scope. We as a team build advanced intelligence from mind to ether and machine to human but first we start with our imagination and our hands.

Right now what we are doing is writing a letter to the Future of Thinking and putting an image in your imaginary land.